Commodities are considered as the safe heaven, they are a must in your trading portfolio.
Above average trading conditions for e-Planet Trade commodity traders
When it comes to trading commodities, traders are always feeling safer and relaxed. It is very important to be updated over news, weather and politics which might favor or not commodities as financial assets. Having the right knowledge over commodity markets, their specific categories will make you a good trader and bring you a fortune. OPEC influences oil prices the most, heavy rains or the lack of rains would influence the supply of agriculture, strength in gold would influence USD, making it weak. At e-Planet Trade you will trade commodities under zero commissions..

Commodities are waiting for your trades

Commodities are categorized in soft and hard commodities. Soft commodities include agriculture and hard commodities include what is mined out of the earth and energy resources. Commodities prices are very much depended on supply, demand, the production levels, weather and different policies taken by specific governments.

Trending instruments

Take advantage of our trading platforms and their functionalities. Copy and paste successful strategies of other traders and make the success yours. Use the stop loss, take profits mechanisms to protect your capital. Create a portfolio of instruments to diversify the risk.

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