Trade a wide range of currency pairs in Forex market, the market which never sleeps.
Put your trust on secure hands, on e-Planet Trade professional team’s hands
You will be able to trade on our trading platforms any currency pair you want. To make it easy for you, they are divided in different groups, majors, minors and exotics pairs. You can trade in e-Planet Trade Webtrader, depending on how familiar you are with financial markets. We support you with daily and weekly market reports, events, and news. You will be informed mainly over the asset you have invested mostly your capital. We aim to create an exceptional trading experience for you, so you will be on the money most of the time.

Forex is waiting for your trades

Forex market is the most liquid market since it has a $5.3 billion daily transaction. Each currency is affected by different world wide events; these influences are mirrored to the price of the currencies. The three global markets are Asia, Europe and America. They are available in different time during the day. In the trading platforms you have the timeline of these exchanges, so you are guided where to trade in what time.

Trending instruments

Take advantage of our trading platforms and their functionalities. Copy and paste successful strategies of other traders and make the success yours. Use the stop loss, take profits mechanisms to protect your capital. Create a portfolio of instruments to diversify the risk.

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