Indices are a smart market's performance measures and an appealing market asset to trade
Indices represent different industry sectors. Pick up your favorite sector and trade with e-Planet Trade.
Indices are about economy sector and they are used to measure their performance in overall and the performance of the economy also. If you know the tech companies more, then Nasdaq is a good choice for you to trade. If you think that the leading companies in US are doing great and they are a very good source of profits than you should trade on S&P 500. Our trading platforms have certain tools to provide you with the indicators, analysis, charts, events, economic calendar events you need to wrap your decisions with good logical facts to succeed. e-Planet Trade covers more than 20 indices in different areas, Europe, China, India, US, South Africa.

Indices are waiting for your trades

Trade in different indices around the globe. Always pick up that index which belongs to the field you have the widest knowledge. It doesn’t mean necessarily technical knowledge; you might know the behavior of the companies which made the index, their past patterns, the behavior of the prices once they release a new product or service. In few words, choose the index you understand its behavior the most. Still we are by your side anytime.

Trending instruments

Take advantage of our trading platforms and their functionalities. Copy and paste successful strategies of other traders and make the success yours. Use the stop loss, take profits mechanisms to protect your capital. Create a portfolio of instruments to diversify the risk.

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