Choose the stocks you know more and let the financial expertise and technology of e-Planet Trade to lead your success on financial markets
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Since financial market is very wide and usually traders get lost on the enormous information they put out there, our main purpose has been giving you extracted, high-valued information over stocks and other assets. Here at e-Planet Trade you will find the most famous stocks from global markets, Asia, Europe, US. This way, you trade around the clock all the day long. You can trade on new IPO companies, which usually have the post premises to have a raise in their price, or even in the old companies which have proven themselves as successful ones. Each time the giants of the market as Apple, Facebook, Google are releasing reports or new products we let you know through notifications. You have mobile apps for trading platform. We take care you will not lose a single chance.

Shares are waiting for your trades

Everything happening around a company is reflected to the price of its shares. You will be able to profits even when the prices are falling or rising. Buy or sell in the main stocks and multiple your capital. e-Planet Trade team is always by you side.

Trending instruments

Take advantage of our trading platforms and their functionalities. Copy and paste successful strategies of other traders and make the success yours. Use the stop loss, take profits mechanisms to protect your capital. Create a portfolio of instruments to diversify the risk.

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